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Z-wave-gate-sensor, zwave exterior gate sensor: there do not seem to be good options for an exterior zwave sensor for gates. i use the smartthings controller and wanted to turn on my porch lights whenever my front gate is opened if it was dark outside. here is how i built the sensor for a gat.... Adding a z-wave door sensor to your backyard gate. i spent some time looking for a z-wave sensor for my backyard gate. i didn't find much for something that was rated for outdoors and all weather so i made my own., ive search everywhere, does anyone know of an outdoor door/window z-wave sensor? this topic might be of interest. discussion of both accelerometers (the gate moved) and contact sensors..

Sensors are the key to home automation. these are the triggers that make things happen automatically. they can be lifestyle based (door/window sensor turns on/off a closet light., personally, i'd stick with a motion sensor near where the light is and point it towards the gate/path. probably easier to permanently power it rather than putting a sensor on a gate that you'll probably have to replace the batteries every now and then (although with the "strips" the battery is supposed to last 'up to' ten years.... after which you need to buy a new device as the battery is not ....

Adding z-wave sensors to your home automation system really brings the whole system to life. you don't have to manually control lights, heating and blinds. you can use z-wave motion sensors to automatically activate lights when you walk into a room and they can work as security sensors helping to protect your home.. sm, i have used a recessed sensor for a long time (wet north or england ) recessed one on my back gate… drilled a couple of holes in the cover (in the bottom ) to make sure the air could get to it… no condensation samsung multisensor on a metal drive gate… in a project box… again with air holes these have been working for a year or more… no problems yet.

I wanted to trigger scenes when cars pull into and also when they exit my driveway and this tutorial will show you how i accomplished that, and how you can do it too! it's extremely easy and not ..., z-wave outdoor gate sensor i'm looking for an outdoor gate sensor to add to my home automation system. my gateway is a vera lite, so anything that works with z-wave should work..

Pedestrian door / gate control automation monitor kit (no sun / moisture) this kit is designed for outdoor electrically locked doors or gates such as courtyard gates that are inside the range of your z-wave wireless network (znet) and are not exposed to moisture or sun.