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Tree-stand-ladder-lock, treestand ladder locking device to deter theft, vandalism, or poaching activity. protect your ladder stand or tripod stand, prevent intruders from climbing up the ladder to reach your hunting platform.. Regardless of where you live and hunt, there seems to be no shortage of guys who will climb into any vacant stand they find and let 'er rip. whether you hunt on private land or public property, we don’t need to remind you that trespassing, theft, vandalism and poaching are all highly unwelcome activities., a novel lock for a tree stand for use in hunting and similar pursuits comprises a hardened metal loop for encircling the body of a tree, where the metal loop is retainable to brackets integrally attached to a tree stand. the tree stand lock further includes lockable hardened ends on said metal loop for retaining the metal loop to the brackets..

A ladder locking designed intended to prevent access to a tree stand and an attached ladder includes a two-piece interlocking frame, top and bottom hooks to engage rungs of the ladder, and a locking bar. the frames include a mesh covers having a width greater than the tree stand ladder. the frame is secured to the ladder by the top and bottom hooks, which provide opposing hangers hooked over ..., the tree stand comprises a platform having a metal support strap encircling the tree with the tree received in a diverging notch in the platform. the sides of the outer portion of the notch are convex and the sides of the inner portion of the notch are concave to permit a wide range of tree diameters to be engaged by the notch. all tree sizes in the range are contacted at widely spaced points ....

Nov 29, 2016 - explore sandybuckley45's board "ladder stands" on pinterest. see more ideas about ladder stands, ladder and plants., let's take a look at how to prevent treestand theft, and what to do if you suddenly become a victim of theft. prevention tips. states don't keep records on treestand thefts, making it impossible to measure the problem..

With my best rivers edge re652 ladder stand lockdown guide and product reviews, i’ll help you make a more better decision and get a product with the benefits you need. it’s important to do your prior research, so read my reviews and comparisons to decide which model you need. here is the list top rivers […], "it [treestand theft] happens on a fairly regular basis, especially in areas with heavy hunting pressure," said dean molnar, assistant chief of the michigan department of natural resources and environment (dnre) law enforcement division..

This task is easily accomplished by building a "cover" for one of your ladder sections. you can build it out of plywood or sheet metal. just cut a section of material to match the width of your ladder and about 5' long, attach a couple hinges and mount it to your ladder.